gea guerrieri, we produce dry construction systems

GEA GUERRIERI is a company with a intense drive for craftsmanship, having operated for many years in the dry construction market, always embracing the principles of eco-friendly construction.

Our dry construction systems always bring significant economic and environmental benefits, ensuring a zero impact structure.

The accuracy and sophistication of our work, carried out with great care and attention to detail, allow us to create products with high technical and aesthetic value.

Over the years, our ability to solve particularly difficult project situations has led us to work with prestigious international architectural and design studios, creating products with high levels of design.

advantage of dry construction

  • materials environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • savings huge energy savings
  • insulation thermal, acoustic and fire-resistant partitioning
  • time quicker, lower construction costs, longer lasting
  • performances high anti-seismic performance
  • structures flexible and changeable over time

"Dry construction, eco-friendly building technology and quality for the environment."